BD17- White Tulip with Blue Star Flower-Bridal Bouquet

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Flowers :

16 white Tulips, Blue Star Flower, Frosted Explosion



W (24-26cm) x H (28-30cm) 


Kindly to Note:

  1. Actual color tone of flowers may differ slightly from image.
  2. Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you.Final product may not resemble picture shown entirely.


Fresh Flower Care Tips:

  1. Remove the packaging. Mix the flower food with water to the guiding ratio, stir until fully dissolved and pour into a vase. It should fill about 1/3 of the vase.
    2. Use sharp scissors to cut 1 cm of the flower stem at a 45° angle, and put it in the vase.
    3. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, heating and cooling sources, and vents.
    4. Change the flower food water every 2-3 days. If without flower food, change the water once a day. Clean the vase and flower stems when changing the water to keep the flowers alive longer.
    5. Enjoy your blooming time!


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 Bridal Flower Bouquet in Singapore

The best bridal flower bouquet in Singapore 

When it comes to a bridal bouquet, there is only one flower that deserves to be the centerpiece – a tulip. The tulip is one of those flowers that complements and works well with every multi-floral arrangement. One only needs to choose light-colored flowers to compliment the bouquet, and they would be good to go. In this white Tulip bridal bouquet, one can find that the blue star flower has almost a secondary presence, playing an excellent role in complimenting the white tulips. And it does that pretty well, as seen in this beautiful bridal bouquet. If you are looking for one for your wedding, you simply cannot find a better offering. 

Timely delivery with White Dew Flower 

White Dew Flower is the place to be if one wants to purchase the best Bridal flower bouquet in Singapore. We not only offer a wide range of bridal bouquets, including the above-listed offering, at an affordable price, but we also ensure their timely delivery. We understand how important your wedding day is for you and how you want everything to go smoothly without any hitch. Well, you can rest assured about the delivery of bridal flower bouquets as our team takes every order seriously. So, if you are looking for a beautiful bridal flower bouquet and want to be assured of delivery, buy our white Tulip with the blue star flower bridal bouquet today as we ensure you get the best products only. So, order the best bridal flower bouquet in Singapore.


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