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Are tulips good for wedding bouquets?

Tulips are
one of the favorite flowers for wedding bouquets because of their timeless
beauty. Tulips' innate grace, whether pastel, bright, or pure white, fits every
wedding theme.


Why are peony flowers so expensive?

In addition
to being durable, they also have a long shelf life from when they are produced
to when they are consumed. Additionally, they ship well. Finally, there is
usually a high demand, particularly around Mother's Day. The price would be
exorbitant because of any one of these causes, but peonies cover all the bases.


What does giving 99 roses mean?

However, a
bunch of 99 roses is a classic present. Either "I love you forever"
or "I want to spend my golden years with you." In proposals, this
message of unwavering loyalty is communicated.


How long do artificial green walls last?

artificial green wall indoors can remain in place for ten years or whatever
length. The sun, wind, rain, and other weather factors will shorten their
lifespan if you use them outside.


Can I customize my flower bouquet?

certainly, but If you need help finding what you're looking for on our website,
contact us at We'll contact you the next business day to
customize your special bouquet.


How will my flowers be crafted and gifted?

florists painstakingly create each flower bouquet and arrangement on to cheer up your recipient. All packaging and trimmings
depicted in the catalog or on this website will be precisely copied. We ensure
that your flowers and a gift card with your customized message reach your
recipient on time.

Can you buy tulips in Singapore?
Yes, Tulip is a beautiful flower and best for gifting to friends, family
or a special person. If you want beautiful and affordable fresh tulip bouquets
in Singapore, then White dew flower is your answer. We have fresh or preserved bouquets
you can choose as per your need or customised ones for your liking.

What flower is good for the
grand opening?
Every flower tells its stories and symbolised different meanings on
different occasions. For the grand opening flower in Singapore, you can
customise a floral gift with a White dew flower. You can use daffodils because
they symbolise rebirth or new beginnings, while yellow orchids are for pride
and joy yellow roses are congratulatory flowers, and for wishes of prosperity,
you can send daisies.

Why are rose bouquets so
Rose bouquets are expensive because they need special care, high
maintenance, are perishable, difficult to grow, and sometimes can ruin in
shifting. But if you love Cappuccino Rose bouquets, you can get them from us
with your desirable customisation.

What does it mean to give
99 roses?
On the other hand, a bouquet of 99 roses is a timeless present. It
represents "I will love you forever" or "I want to grow old with
you". Proposals convey this message of unwavering dedication. You can get
customisedfrom White dew Flower and
convey your msg without saying a word.