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FT55- Melbourne Ⅱ

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Flowers :

Holland white Tulip dyed to Blue color. 


6 stalks : W (20-23cm) x H (28-30cm) One side shape

9 stalks : W (25-28cm) x H (33-35cm) One side shape

18 stalks : W (30-35cm) x H (38-42cm) One side shape

33 stalks : W (40-45cm) x H (40-45cm) One side shape

52 stalks : W (40-45cm) x H (40-45cm) Round shape

99 stalks : W (55-60cm) x H (40-45cm) Round shape

Kindly to Note:

1.The tinted tulips have a shorter lifespan compared to the natural colour generally

2.Actual color tone of flowers may differ slightly from image.

3. Each arrangement is an individual made specially and exclusively for you.Final product may not resemble picture shown entirely.